Word Diary Template Creator is a compact application designed to help you create a diary and to export it to a Microsoft Word document.The program allows you to enter your mood, edit the event details and format the text that will appear on the diary.
You can customize the DOCX document by selecting the details that will be included such as the current date or the week number.
Create calendars and diaries in Microsoft Word.

Lastest Version : 1.9.4 (File Size 2.4 MB)
Release Date : 2013-07-30
Operating Systems : Windows XP/2000/2003,Windows 7, Windows Vista
Additional Requirements : Microsoft Office Word 2003/2007
Try it free and take a 35-day test your diary in Microsoft Word!

Why to write a diary or a work log?

* Can you remember what happened to you the day before yesterday or last week?
* What are you to do done about last month when some people asked you or to write your work report?

* It does not matter, most of people just can remember in the nearest few days.
* If you write diary or work log, you will never forget your every day of work or life.
* To write diary is not just only belonged to some famous people. That is your life.

* You think to write diary or work log is too trouble and is not safe ?
* Now, Word Diary Template Creator will help you to write some context (e.g. Date,Weekly Number,Rest day,The day, and some catagory title...), and beauty your diary (table customsize).
* You just need a few words to record your all day. To be safe, you can send the dairy word document to your email.

Why choose Microsoft Word to Write Diary?

* MS Word is easy to write.
* MS Word to read is very easily, page up and page down can see all quickly. (other diary can not do it, need you click and click, that is so trouble!)
* MS Word can convert to a PDF file or a EPub Book at soon.
* MS Word just one word document file, it is easy send email to store.

* Sometimes most of people do dot choose MS word that because it can not connect Calendar and Daily Diary with each other.
* Don't worry, the word diary document is generated by Word Diary Template Created can do it now.
* that is the software why is created.

picture of why write in Microsoft Word

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